Meet the photographer

From behind the camera

From behind the camera: Old picture haha!

Well, first things first, thank you for stopping in and taking a peak around. My name is Jessica and I have been studying and practicing photography for 20 years. (Man, that makes me feel ancient) I first fell in love with it in a high school elective class, just watching the process of a negative becoming a photo intrigued me. I still have awe moments when out in the field or just at home snapping away, alright, so every photo is an awe moment for me.


I started off using a Pentax 35mm all manual camera. I got that as a gift from my father 20 years ago, I still use it, it is an awesome piece of equipment. I also have a Canon EOS 35 mm and a Canon EOS digital. (I love that I can interchange the lenses!) Also my point and shoot Olympus. I will post more detailed information on the type of equipment I have at a later date.

The work I do

I do concert photos, portraits, and nature photography. There will be opportunities to purchase prints from the blog so keep your eyes peeled and check back often! I also make high quality greeting cards using prints of mine (which I have sold in local gift shops as a standing distributor) and there will be special offers for sets of those as well.

All that jazz

Me in a nutshell; I am a creative person, I play music and I sing, I sew and snap pictures, I dream in color, I have BBQ’s with my gal pals at the pool on a hot summer day, I draw and make digital art on the computer, I love to cook and write poetry, and I am just me.

I hope you enjoy your stay at my little place on the web, and maybe find some inspiration, or a photo you just have to have.



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