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Who says a tongue isnt musical?

Who says a tongue isn't musical?

Steve Vai, doing what he does best.

Prints and cardstock vary

Prints and cardstock vary

Ok, I am offering my first purchase opportunity today. I am kicking this off by offering a set of 10 handmade greeting cards using my banner set of prints. It is a set of 3 photos (3 cards of each image) of my lovely squirrel model, who shall remain nameless *wink* and the 10th card will have a mystery image.

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Taking the long way

Taking the long way

A soldiers fare thee well

Posted: August 3, 2008 in Photography
A soldiers farethee well

A soldiers fare thee well

My cousin has joined the Armed Forces. We went to see him last week because he will be going on a tour to Iraq, this month. I just had my son and we couldn’t wait for my cousin to meet his new cousin. It was a loving visit that I just had to capture on film. We were leaving and he leaned in to kiss my son, the perfect moment from my eyes to yours.

It will be a while till they get to see each other again. Keep him in your prayers as I keep all the men and women serving our country, in mine.


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I came across “Wordless Wednesday” where you just post a photo to your blog, it used to be just on Wednesdays but now it is all week long … love it!